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Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Gun

How fast do the biometrics unlock the Smart Gun?

Fast, really fast. Watch this video and see for yourself.

How do the biometrics work on the Smart Gun?

Biofire’s revolutionary Guardian Biometric Engine unlocks your Smart Gun in any situation. Our integrated fingerprint identification and 3D infrared facial recognition systems independently verify your biometric data so your firearm can always recognize you, even if you wear gloves or a face covering. Your firearm locks the moment it leaves your hand and immediately secures itself to prevent misuse if you set it down or it is taken from you.

Do the biometrics work in the dark?

Yes, facial recognition and fingerprint identification both function at full performance in the dark.

Does my biometric data need to be verified by both the facial recognition and fingerprint identification systems to unlock the Smart Gun?

No, your Biofire Smart Gun automatically unlocks as soon as either the facial recognition or fingerprint identification recognizes you.

Where is my biometric data stored?

Your biometric data is stored on your Smart Gun in fully encrypted form. No one can access your biometrics, ever - not even Biofire.

Can the government or a third party deactivate my Smart Gun remotely?

No, your Biofire Smart Gun does not include wireless communication capabilities of any kind and cannot be remotely accessed through over-the-air communication.

Does the Smart Gun connect to the internet?

No, your Biofire Smart Gun does not connect to the internet or to any other wireless network. The Smart Dock can connect to your home Wi-Fi, but only if you opt-in to doing so. You do not need to connect any Biofire product to the internet for it to function for its full lifetime.

Can I clean the Smart Gun myself?

Yes, standard 9mm field stripping and cleaning procedures can be performed on your Biofire Smart Gun.

What type of ammunition does the Smart Gun use?

The Biofire Smart Gun uses standard 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum) ammunition manufactured in accordance with SAAMI or NATO specifications. The Biofire Smart Gun does not currently support other ammunition calibers.

What capacity magazines ship with the Smart Gun?

Your Biofire Smart Gun ships with two included 10 or 15 round magazines, depending on the regulations in your jurisdiction.

Can I buy extra magazines for my Smart Gun?

Yes, we currently offer up to five additional magazines for purchase.

Does the slide have external serrations to aid in racking (slide manipulation)?

Yes, the slide has aggressive cuts on both sides that help ensure a positive grip on the slide for common slide manipulations.

What color is the laser?

The laser sight is red.

Does the Smart Gun have a rail system for mounting firearm accessories?

The Biofire Smart Gun does not include a rail system for mounting accessories. However, the Smart Gun has an integrated laser sight and illuminated front sight that come standard. We plan on offering additional modular upgrades in the future to further customize your Smart Gun to offer more integrated features.

How does the Smart Dock work?

The Smart Dock is your Smart Gun’s interface for adding user profiles, changing settings and updating software. The Smart Dock communicates with the Biofire Smart Gun over a USB Type-C cable. Your biometric data is stored on your Smart Gun in fully encrypted form - the smart dock does not store your biometric data. Your Smart Dock can optionally connect to Wi-Fi to accept optional secure software updates, but your Smart Gun will always work with its factory settings, even if you never install a software update.

Can I enroll multiple users?

Yes, as the owner you can enroll up to five total users to give them access to your Biofire Smart Gun. You can provide permanent access to other trusted adults in your home, or you can temporarily register a friend at the range. You are in total control of who can access your firearm at all times.

Can one Smart Dock be used with multiple Smart Guns?

Yes, any Biofire Smart Dock can be used with any Biofire Smart Gun.

Does the Smart Gun come in left-hand versions?

Yes, both left-hand and right-hand versions of the Biofire Smart Gun are being manufactured.

Does the Smart Gun come in multiple sizes?

Yes, we offer multiple grip sizes in order for each Smart Gun owner to find their ideal fit. After placing a reservation, our team will reach out to help you select the grip profile and size that best fits your hand prior to your firearm being manufactured.

Where is my Smart Gun made?

Your Biofire Smart Gun is being designed and assembled in the United States. We designed our Smart Gun from the ground up as a completely integrated electromechanical system, unlike any other handgun on the market.

How do I charge my Smart Gun?

You can charge your Biofire Smart Gun with your Smart Dock or from a wall outlet with a USB Type-C cable.

What is the battery life expectancy of the Smart Gun?

Our rechargeable, high-endurance battery will last for months on a single charge with normal use. Store your firearm connected to your Smart Dock, or keep it unplugged in a gun safe, closet, or car with the confidence it will be ready when you need it.

Can I factory reset the Smart Gun?

Yes, as the owner, you can factory reset your Smart Gun after authenticating with your biometric information. A factory reset will permanently remove all data on your Smart Gun, including biometrics, and it will be ready to accept a new owner’s enrollment. As the owner, you have the right to legally sell or transfer your Smart Gun as you would any other firearm without third party involvement.


How do I purchase a Smart Gun?

Place your reservation here.

What happens after I place my Smart Gun reservation?

After placing your reservation, we will add your order to our manufacturing queue. Before your Smart Gun is built, our team will reach out to confirm your order details, including color, grip, accessories and other preferences. We estimate shipping our first units in late 2023 with volume shipments occurring in early 2024.

How will I take delivery of my Smart Gun?

Our team will reach out prior to production to select a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in your area. We will then let you know when your firearm is ready to be picked up at your chosen FFL dealer, which will require you to complete the 4473 background check process and any other requirements in your jurisdiction.

How does payment work for my reservation?

After your initial deposit, the remainder of your Smart Gun’s MSRP and tax will be due prior to shipment of your unit. We'll notify you when it’s your turn in line and it’s time for your second payment.

Is my reservation deposit refundable?

Yes, please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to cancel your reservation. Please note that canceling your reservation permanently releases your spot in line as well as any custom serial numbers or limited editions you have chosen.

How do I get assistance if I have a question about my reservation?

Contact our team at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

Can I edit my build after placing a reservation?

Yes, we’re working on a portal for editing existing builds, and we’ll email you when it is live.

Where can I pick my custom serial number?

If you have reserved a custom serial number, you will be able to pick your own unique alphanumeric serial number; first-come, first-served based on order date and edition. Limitations apply and all serial number requests are subject to approval at Biofire’s sole discretion. Should your desired serial number not be available, you can remove the upcharge from your reservation. We will share more details on how to select your serial number as we prepare your Smart Gun for manufacturing.

General Questions

Does Biofire support Smart Gun mandates?

No. Biofire is and always will be against smart gun mandates, and, although there are no mandates on the books today, we will fight against any future legislative mandate attempts. We’re proud of the Smart Gun we’ve built and believe it will be an important part of many families' home defense strategy, but we believe that everyone should have the right to choose the firearm that fits their needs.

Can I purchase the Smart Gun in my state?

Yes, we are offering reservations in all 50 states. We intend to comply with all applicable regulations for all jurisdictions in the United States. If we are unable to do so at the time of fulfillment, your deposit will be completely refunded as per the Biofire Reservation Terms.

Can I purchase a holster?

While the Biofire Smart Gun is predominantly designed for home defense scenarios, we look forward to offering holster solutions. As of today, we are not offering any for sale, but stay tuned.

Can I demo the Smart Gun?

We run as many public demos as we possibly can. Look out for future announcements of events in your area. If you feel as though you would be a great candidate for an early demo, and you're interested in finding out more, reach out to [email protected].

What is Biofire Care?

Your Biofire Smart Gun is built to last and is covered under our standard warranty. You also have the option to add Biofire Care, which provides white glove service and added coverage of your Smart Gun above and beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. We are currently offering one year of Biofire Care free with every order, but an ongoing subscription to Biofire Care is never required to maintain your Smart Gun.

Is there a subscription fee?

No, once you purchase your Biofire Smart Gun, you own it. Any additional accessories or service plans are always optional.

I need help finding my confirmation email, how do I know my reservation went through?

Please check your spam email - your confirmation email will come from [email protected]. If you are not seeing it, please contact us to confirm your order.

How do I contact Biofire?

Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

How can I interview someone if I’m a reporter?

Reach out to [email protected].